Chainsaw Bar and Chain Parts List
Here is the chainsaw parts list of chains, bars, and sprockets: The Bar and Chain Finder.

Chainsaw Bars & Chainsaw Chain

We continue to take strides toward making sure that you get all of the right parts that will fit your saw properly and safely. For that purpose, we've created this dynamic little app. to help you find the right chainsaw bars and find the right chainsaw chain. Our chainsaw bar and chain chart above won't let you get the wrong bar and chain match. If you're replacing both the bar and the chain, you don't need to do any measuring. You just need to know your saw make and model. Then you can run through the selections above to pick what you want for it.

We want to help prevent people from putting the wrong chain on their machine. It's not like you can just slap on the biggest bar you can find. Let's get it right.

Find the Right Chainsaw Bars

If you want to replace the bar with the exact same specs of that which you already have, you can measure. In this case, you'd measure from the front of the chainsaw to the furthest cutting tip on the chain. Round that measurement to the nearest inch and that's your "called length".

What if your saw can hold other lengths? You would have to come here to this bar and chain configuration tool to find out. Just because your saw is wearing a certain size bar now, doesn't mean that's all that it can take. It does mean that's the right size bar to fit with the chain you have now though. If you would consider changing the chain too, then you aren't stuck with that bar size.

Check your saw model in the chainsaw bar and chain configuration tool above to see what else it can fit. For example, you'd see by looking for the right bar and chain for a STIHL 026, it can fit 5 different bar sizes that we carry: 16", 18", 20", 25", 30". Depending upon which bar length you want to go with, there are different chains available to fit.

Find the Right Chainsaw Chain

Want the right chainsaw chain to fit your chainsaw? If it's not stamped on the chainsaw bar already, there are things that you can measure to see what size of chain you have on there now. To find the right replacement chainsaw chain for what you already have, you have to measure the pitch and gauge of the chain, and count the drive links.

Pitch is the distance between drive lugs on the chain. To find the chain's pitch, measure the distance between any three consecutive rivets and divide by 2.

Chain Gauge is the drive link's thickness where it fits into the bar groove. Pro users need to know this because it has to do with the strength of a chain's drive links. The gauge of the chain and the groove in the bar must match. To determine the chain gauge, you have to measure the width of the groove in your chainsaw bar where the chain fits.

If you're just replacing the chain, you'll need to know the number of drive links you already have. Remove your chain and count 'em. If you're also replacing the bar, you might have options. Check the selection tool above and see what is available for your make and model.