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Step into the world of make-believe with our collection of Husqvarna toys that bring the authenticity of the real thing to life. Whether your little one dreams of becoming a future small engine repair expert or simply loves playing with mini tools and equipment, our Husqvarna toy collection is sure to ignite their imagination.

Just like the real thing, our Husqvarna toys are carefully crafted to provide a lifelike experience. From miniature chainsaws and trimmers to lawnmowers and backpack bubble blowers, each item is designed with attention to detail and quality. Now, your child can explore the world of small engines in a playful and educational way. When you’re browsing HL Supply for your small engine parts and accessories, make sure you get something for your little one!

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Husqvarna Toy 550XP Chainsaw & PPE Kit Husqvarna Toy 550XP Chainsaw & PPE Kit
Our Price: $69.99
Part #: 531099501

Husqvarna Toy 150BT Backpack Bubble Blower Husqvarna Toy 150BT Backpack Bubble Blower
Our Price: $69.99
Part #: 531099401
Husqvarna Toy Lawn Mower Husqvarna Toy Lawn Mower
Our Price: $49.99
Part #: 589289601

Husqvarna 550XP Toy Chainsaw Husqvarna 550XP Toy Chainsaw
Our Price: $39.99
Part #: 599608702

Husqvarna Toy Hedge Trimmer Husqvarna Toy Hedge Trimmer
Our Price: $29.99
Part #: 585729103
Husqvarna Toy Chainsaw Husqvarna Toy Chainsaw
Our Price: $29.99
Part #: 522771104

Husqvarna Toy Trimmer Husqvarna Toy Trimmer
Our Price: $29.99
Part #: 585729102

Husqvarna Toy Leaf Blower Husqvarna Toy Leaf Blower
Our Price: $29.99
Part #: 589746401