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OEM Echo 340s, 358Ts, 66010 Screw - 5X12 T27

OEM Echo 340s, 358Ts, 66010 Screw - 5X12 T27

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Part #: V805000140

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Genuine Echo Screw - 5X12 T27
Part #: V805000140
Fits models: 340s, 358Ts, 66010, 80575B, 90091, 99000, 99944200418, 99944200422, 99944200465, 99944200470, 99944200545, AH262, AHS262, BRD-2620, BRD-280, C262, C302, CS-352, CS-353ES, CS-355T, CS-360TES, CS-4510, DH2000/DH2000W, DSRM-200, EB600RT, FH235, GT-225, GT-225i, GT-225SF, HCA-2620, HT232, HT235, LE235, LE262, M235, M262, PAS-225, PAS-2620, PB-580H, PB-580T, PE-225, PE-2620, PE-2620S, PE-265S, PE-266S, PPF-2620, PPT-2620, PPT-2620H, PPT-266, PPT-266H, PPT-280, SHC-210, SHC-211, SHC-212, SHC-225, SHC-225S, SHC-2620, SRM-225i, SRM-225SB, SRM-225U, SRM-2620, SRM-2620T, SRM-2620U, SRM-3020, SRM-3020T, SRM-3020U, SRM-420ES_AR, SRM-520ES_AR, T235, T262, T262X, T3000, T302, T302X
Fits models:
  • 340s S/N: C37214001001 - C37214999999-->HANDLES, 340s S/N: C37313001001 - C37313999999-->HANDLES, 340s S/N: C68215001001 - C68215999999-->HANDLES, 340s S/N: C70515001001 - C70515999999-->HANDLES, 358Ts S/N: C35714001001-C35714999999-->Handles, 358Ts S/N: C35714001001-C35714999999-->Intake, 358Ts S/N: C35813001001-C35813999999-->Handles, 358Ts S/N: C35813001001-C35813999999-->Intake, 358Ts S/N: C67515001001 - C67515999999-->HANDLES, 358Ts S/N: C67515001001 - C67515999999-->INTAKE, 66010 Edger Attachment S/N: U03500001001 - U03500999999-->GEAR CASE, 80575B Blade Conversion Kit - Trimer To Brushcutter Conversion Kit - For Gearcases with Two Mounting Bolts-->TRIMMER TO BRUSHCUTTER CONVERSION KIT - GEAR CASE WITH ONE MOUNTING BOLT, 80575B Blade Conversion Kit - Trimer To Brushcutter Conversion Kit - For Gearcases with Two Mounting Bolts-->TRIMMER TO BRUSHCUTTER CONVERSION KIT - GEAR CASE WITH TWO MOUNTING BOLTS, 90091 Complete Shaft Assembly-->Main Pipe - Upper, 99000 Complete Shaft Assembly-->Main Pipe - Upper, 99944200418 Blade Conversion Kit-->Barrier Bar, 99944200422 Blade Conversion Kit-->Barrier Bar, 99944200465 Bed RedefinerAttachment S/N: S89200001001 - S89200999999-->Gear Case S/N: S89200001001 - S89200008018, 99944200465 Bed RedefinerAttachment S/N: S89200001001 - S89200999999-->Gear Case S/N: S89200008019 - S89200999999, 99944200470 Curved Shaft Edger Attachment S/N: 001001 - 999999-->Gear Case S/N 001001 - 057000, 99944200470 Curved Shaft Edger Attachment S/N: S06000001001 - S06000999999-->Gear Case S/N S06000227401 - S06000999999, 99944200545 Pro-Torque Trimmer Attachment S/N: S08900001001 - S08900999999-->Gear case S/N: S08900027801 - S08900999999, AH262 S/N: U02415001001 - U02415999999-->MAIN PIPE, AH262 S/N: U02415001001 - U02415999999-->STARTER, AHS262 S/N: U00415001001 - U00415999999-->STARTER, BRD-2620 S/N: U05715001001 - U05715999999-->Gear Case, BRD-2620 S/N: U05715001001 - U05715999999-->Starter, BRD-280 S/N: S70711001001 - S70711999999-->Gear Case S/N: S70711001001-S70711004066, BRD-280 S/N: S70711001001 - S70711999999-->Gear Case S/N: S70711004067-S70711999999, BRD-280 S/N: S70812001001 - S70812999999-->Gear Case S/N: S70812001001-S70812019664, BRD-280 S/N: S70812001001 - S70812999999-->Gear Case S/N: S70812019665-S70812999999, BRD-280 S/N: S70913001001 - S70913999999-->Gear Case, BRD-280 S/N: T69914001001 - T69914999999-->Gear Case, C262 S/N: T87614001001 - T87614999999-->HARNESS, C262 S/N: T87614001001 - T87614999999-->STARTER, C262 S/N: T95015001001 - T95015999999-->HARNESS, C262 S/N: T95015001001 - T95015999999-->STARTER, C302 S/N: U10215001001 - U10215999999-->FAN CASE, C302 S/N: U10215001001 - U10215999999-->HARNESS, CS-352 S/N: C19612001001 - C19612999999-->Handles, CS-352 S/N: C19711001001 - C19711999999-->Handles, CS-352 S/N: C19813001001 - C19813999999-->Handles, CS-352 S/N: C33314001001 - C33314999999-->Handles, CS-352 S/N: C68115001001 - C68115999999-->Handles, CS-352 S/N: C70415001001 - C70415999999-->Handles, CS-353ES S/N: C31926001001-C31926999999-->Engine, CS-355T S/N: C23411001001 - C23411999999-->Handles, CS-355T S/N: C23411001001 - C23411999999-->Intake, CS-355T S/N: C23512001001 - C23512999999-->Handles, CS-355T S/N: C23512001001 - C23512999999-->Intake, CS-355T S/N: C23613001001 - C23613999999-->Handles, CS-355T S/N: C23613001001 - C23613999999-->Intake, CS-355T S/N: C33414001001 - C33414999999-->Handles, CS-355T S/N: C33414001001 - C33414999999-->Intake, CS-355T S/N: C67415001001 - C67415999999-->Handles, CS-355T S/N: C67415001001 - C67415999999-->Intake, CS-360TES S/N: 37001001-37999999-->Handles, CS-360TES S/N: 37001001-37999999-->Intake, CS-4510 S/N: C71315001001 - C71315999999-->Handles, CS-4510 S/N: C71315001001 - C71315999999-->Oil System, DH2000/DH2000W S/N: T91700001001 - T91700999999-->Motor, DH2000/DH2000W S/N: T91800001001 - T91800999999-->Motor, DSRM-200 S/N: T9000001001 - T90000999999-->Debris Shield, EB600RT S/N: P45214001001 - P45214999999-->ENGINE, EB600RT S/N: P45713001001 - P45713999999-->ENGINE, FH235 S/N: T45111001001 - T45111999999-->Blades, FH235 S/N: T45212001001 - T45212999999-->Blades, FH235 S/N: T45313001001 - T45313999999-->Blades, FH235 S/N: T98014001001 - T98014999999-->IGNITION, FH235 S/N: T98113001001 - T98113999999-->IGNITION, FH235 S/N: U12115001001 - U12115999999-->IGNITION, GT-225 S/N: S09313001001 - S09313999999-->Throttle Control, GT-225 S/N: S09812001001-S09812999999-->Throttle Control, GT-225 S/N: S09911001001 - S09911999999-->Throttle Control, GT-225 S/N: S5392001001-S53912999999-->Throttle Control, GT-225 S/N: S94626001001 - S94626999999-->Control Handle, GT-225 S/N: S96013001001 - S96013999999-->Throttle Control, GT-225 S/N: S96711001001 - S96711999999-->Throttle Control, GT-225 S/N: T75514001001 - T75514999999-->Throttle Control, GT-225 S/N: T75614001001 - T75614999999-->Throttle Control, GT-225 S/N: T86013001001 - T86013999999-->Control Handle, GT-225 S/N: T86114001001 - T86114999999-->Control Handle, GT-225 S/N: T98414001001 - T98414999999-->Control Handle, GT-225 S/N: T98514001001 - T98514999999-->Control Handle, GT-225 S/N: U00913001001 - U00913999999-->Control Handle, GT-225 S/N: U01013001001 - U01013999999-->Control Handle, GT-225 S/N: U05912001001 - U05912999999-->Control Handle, GT-225i S/N: S08612001001 - S08612999999-->Engine Cover, GT-225i S/N: S08612001001 - S08612999999-->Throttle Control, GT-225i S/N: S54711001001 - S54711999999-->Engine Cover, GT-225i S/N: S54711001001 - S54711999999-->Throttle Control, GT-225i S/N: S54813001001 - S54813999999-->Engine Cover, GT-225i S/N: S54813001001 - S54813999999-->Throttle Control, GT-225i S/N: S96112001001 - S96112999999-->Engine Cover, GT-225i S/N: S96112001001 - S96112999999-->Throttle Control, GT-225i S/N: S96211001001 - S96211999999-->Engine Cover, GT-225i S/N: S96211001001 - S96211999999-->Throttle Control, GT-225i S/N: S96313001001 - S96313999999-->Engine Cover, GT-225i S/N: S96313001001 - S96313999999-->Throttle Control, GT-225i S/N: T75714001001 - T75714999999-->Engine Cover, GT-225i S/N: T75714001001 - T75714999999-->Throttle Control, GT-225i S/N: T75814001001 - T75814999999-->Engine Cover, GT-225i S/N: T75814001001 - T75814999999-->Throttle Control, GT-225i S/N: T86213001001 - T86213999999-->Control Handle, GT-225i S/N: T86213001001 - T86213999999-->Starter, GT-225i S/N: T86314001001 - T86314999999-->Control Handle, GT-225i S/N: T86314001001 - T86314999999-->Starter, GT-225i S/N: U00114001001 - U00114999999-->Control Handle, GT-225i S/N: U00114001001 - U00114999999-->Starter, GT-225i S/N: U00214001001 - U00214999999-->Control Handle, GT-225i S/N: U00214001001 - U00214999999-->Starter, GT-225i S/N: U01313001001 - U01313999999-->Control Handle, GT-225i S/N: U01313001001 - U01313999999-->Starter, GT-225i S/N: U01413001001 - U01413999999-->Control Handle, GT-225i S/N: U01413001001 - U01413999999-->Starter, GT-225SF S/N: S96013001001 - S96013999999-->Control Handle, GT-225SF S/N: T75614001001 - T75614999999-->Control Handle, GT-225SF S/N: T86013001001 - T86013999999-->Control Handle, GT-225SF S/N: T98514001001 - T98514999999-->Control Handle, GT-225SF S/N: U01013001001 - U01013999999-->Control Handle, HCA-2620 S/N: U00315001001 - U00315999999-->Shoulder Harness, HCA-2620 S/N: U00315001001 - U00315999999-->Starter, HT232 S/N: T22612001001 - T22612999999-->Rear Handle, HT232 S/N: T22712001001 - T22712999999-->Rear Handle, HT232 S/N: T23011001001 - T23011999999-->Rear Handle, HT232 S/N: T23111001001 - T23111999999-->Rear Handle, HT232 S/N: T25113001001 - T25113999999-->Rear Handle, HT232 S/N: T25213001001 - T25213999999-->Rear Handle, HT232 S/N: T29512001001 - T29512999999-->HANDLE SUPPORT, HT232 S/N: T29613001001 - T29613999999-->HANDLE SUPPORT, HT232 S/N: T48914001001 - T48914999999-->HANDLE SUPPORT, HT235 S/N: T29711001001 - T29711999999-->HANDLE SUPPORT, HT235 S/N: T29812001001 - T29812999999-->HANDLE SUPPORT, HT235 S/N: T29913001001 - T29913999999-->HANDLE SUPPORT, HT235 S/N: T49014001001 - T49014999999-->HANDLE SUPPORT, LE235 S/N: T86914001001 - T86914999999-->IGNITION, LE262 S/N: T87714001001 - T87714999999-->GEAR CASE, LE262 S/N: T87714001001 - T87714999999-->STARTER, LE262 S/N: T95215001001 - T95215999999-->GEAR CASE, LE262 S/N: T95215001001 - T95215999999-->STARTER, M235 S/N: U01114001001 - U01114999999-->IGNITION, M235 S/N: U01114001001 - U01114999999-->MAIN PIPE, M235 S/N: U01213001001 - U01213999999-->IGNITION, M235 S/N: U01213001001 - U01213999999-->MAIN PIPE, M235 S/N: U12015001001 - U12015999999-->IGNITION, M235 S/N: U12015001001 - U12015999999-->MAIN PIPE, M262 S/N: U02715001001 - U02715999999-->MAIN PIPE, M262 S/N: U02715001001 - U02715999999-->STARTER, PAS-225 S/N: S59511001001 - S59511999999-->Main Pipe Assembly - Upper, PAS-225 S/N: S59612001001 - S59612999999-->Main Pipe Assembly - Upper, PAS-225 S/N: S86813001001 - S86813999999-->Main Pipe Assembly - Upper, PAS-225 S/N: T99814001001 - T99814999999-->Main Pipe, PAS-225 S/N: T99913001001 - T99913999999-->Main Pipe, PAS-2620 S/N: U00515001001 - U00515999999-->Main Pipe, PAS-2620 S/N: U00515001001 - U00515999999-->Starter, PB-580H S/N: P44012001001 - P44012999999-->Engine, PB-580H S/N: P44211001001 - P44211999999-->Engine, PB-580H S/N: P44514001001 - P44514999999-->Engine, PB-580H S/N: P44713001001 - P44713999999-->Engine, PB-580T S/N: P44112001001 - P44112999999-->Engine, PB-580T S/N: P44311001001 - P44311999999-->Engine, PB-580T S/N: P44614001001 - P44614999999-->Engine, PB-580T S/N: P44813001001 - P44813999999-->Engine, PE-225 S/N: S78611001001 - S78611999999-->Gear Case, PE-225 S/N: S78712001001 - S78712999999-->Gear Case, PE-225 S/N: S78813001001 - S78813999999-->Gear Case, PE-225 S/N: T46814001001 - T46814999999-->Gear Case, PE-225 S/N: T75913001001 - T75913999999-->Gear Case, PE-225 S/N: T76014001001 - T76014999999-->Gear Case, PE-225 S/N: T86714001001 - T86714999999-->Gear Case, PE-2620 S/N: T87414001001 - T87414999999-->Gear Case, PE-2620 S/N: T87414001001 - T87414999999-->Starter, PE-2620 S/N: T89715001001 - T89715999999-->Gear Case, PE-2620 S/N: T89715001001 - T89715999999-->Starter, PE-2620S S/N: U15215001001 - U15215999999-->Gear Case, PE-2620S S/N: U15215001001 - U15215999999-->Starter, PE-265S S/N: S71311001001 - S71311999999-->Gear Case, PE-265S S/N: S71412001001 - S71412999999-->Gear Case, PE-265S S/N: S71513001001 - S71513999999-->Gear Case, PE-266S S/N: T43611001001 - T43611999999-->Gear Case S/N T43611001001 - T43611001138, PE-266S S/N: T43712001001 - T43712999999-->Gear Case S/N T43712001001 - T43712004561, PPF-2620 S/N: E60615001001 - E60615999999-->Starter, PPT-2620 S/N: E60415001001 - E60415999999-->Main Pipe - Upper, PPT-2620 S/N: E60415001001 - E60415999999-->Starter, PPT-2620H S/N: E60515001001 - E60515999999-->Main Pipe - Upper, PPT-2620H S/N: E60515001001 - E60515999999-->Starter, PPT-266 S/N: E20514001001 - E20514999999-->Main Pipe - Upper, PPT-266H S/N: E20614001001 - E20614999999-->Main Pipe - Upper, PPT-280 S/N: E20814001001 - E20814999999-->Main Pipe - Upper, SHC-210 S/N: 09001001 - 09999999-->Gear Case, SHC-210 S/N: 10001001 - 10999999-->Gear Case, SHC-210 S/N: S68911001001 - S68911999999-->Gear Case, SHC-210 S/N: S77512001001 - S77512999999-->Gear Case, SHC-210 S/N: S84513001001 - S84513999999-->Gear Case, SHC-211 S/N: 09001001 - 09999999-->Gear Case, SHC-212 S/N: S68811001001 - S68811999999-->Gear Case, SHC-212 S/N: S77412001001 - S77412999999-->Gear Case, SHC-212 S/N: S84413001001 - S84413999999-->Gear Case, SHC-225 S/N: S85312001001 - S85312999999-->Gear Case, SHC-225 S/N: S85411001001 - S85411999999-->Gear Case, SHC-225 S/N: S85513001001 - S85513999999-->Gear Case, SHC-225 S/N: T76714001001 - T76714999999-->Gear Case, SHC-225S S/N: S86012001001 - S86012999999-->Gear Case, SHC-225S S/N: S86111001001 - S86111999999-->Gear Case, SHC-225S S/N: S86213001001 - S86213999999-->Gear Case, SHC-225S S/N: T76814001001 - T76814999999-->Gear Case, SHC-2620 S/N: T95515001001 - T95515999999-->Starter, SRM-225i S/N: S08712001001 - S08712999999-->Debris Shield, SRM-225i S/N: S08712001001 - S08712999999-->Engine Cover, SRM-225i S/N: S54911001001 - S54911999999-->Debris Shield, SRM-225i S/N: S54911001001 - S54911999999-->Engine Cover, SRM-225i S/N: S55013001001 - S55013999999-->Starter, SRM-225i S/N: S96412001001 - S96412999999-->Engine Cover, SRM-225i S/N: S96511001001 - S96511999999-->Engine Cover, SRM-225i S/N: S96613001001 - S96613999999-->Starter, SRM-225i S/N: T49114001001 - T49114999999-->Starter, SRM-225i S/N: T49314001001 - T49314999999-->Starter, SRM-225i S/N: T83914001001 - T83914999999-->Starter, SRM-225i S/N: U01514001001 - U01514999999-->Starter, SRM-225i S/N: U01614001001 - U01614999999-->Starter, SRM-225i S/N: U01713001001 - U01713999999-->Starter, SRM-225i S/N: U01813001001 - U01813999999-->Starter, SRM-225SB S/N: S79312001001 - S79312999999-->Main Pipe Assembly, SRM-225SB S/N: S79411001001 - S79411999999-->Main Pipe Assembly, SRM-225SB S/N: S79513001001 - S79513999999-->Main Pipe Assembly, SRM-225U S/N: S79012001001 - S79012999999-->Debris Shield, SRM-225U S/N: S79111001001 - S79111999999-->Debris Shield, SRM-225U S/N: S79213001001 - S79213999999-->Debris Shield, SRM-225U S/N: T49214001001 - T49214999999-->Harness, SRM-225U S/N: U01914001001 - U01914999999-->Harness, SRM-225U S/N: U02013001001 - U02013999999-->Harness, SRM-2620 S/N: T87114001001 - T87114999999-->Starter, SRM-2620 S/N: T89415001001 - T89415999999-->Starter, SRM-2620 S/N: T94215001001 - T94215999999-->Starter, SRM-2620T S/N: T87214001001 - T87214999999-->Gear Case, SRM-2620T S/N: T87214001001 - T87214999999-->Starter, SRM-2620T S/N: T89515001001 - T89515999999-->Gear Case, SRM-2620T S/N: T89515001001 - T89515999999-->Starter, SRM-2620T S/N: T94315001001 - T94315999999-->Gear Case, SRM-2620T S/N: T94315001001 - T94315999999-->Starter, SRM-2620U S/N: T87314001001 - T87314999999-->Harness, SRM-2620U S/N: T87314001001 - T87314999999-->Starter, SRM-2620U S/N: T89615001001 - T89615999999-->Harness, SRM-2620U S/N: T89615001001 - T89615999999-->Starter, SRM-2620U S/N: T94415001001 - T94415999999-->Harness, SRM-2620U S/N: T94415001001 - T94415999999-->Starter, SRM-3020 S/N: U09715001001 - U09715999999-->Fan Case, SRM-3020T S/N: U09815001001 - U09815999999-->Fan Case, SRM-3020T S/N: U09815001001 - U09815999999-->Gear Case, SRM-3020U S/N: U09915001001 - U09915999999-->Fan Case, SRM-3020U S/N: U09915001001 - U09915999999-->Harness, SRM-420ES_AR S/N: U14826001001 - U14826999999-->Ignition, SRM-520ES_AR S/N: U14926001001 - U14926999999-->Ignition, T235 S/N: T46714001001 - T46714999999-->IGNITION, T235 S/N: T88913001001 - T88913999999-->IGNITION, T235 S/N: U11915001001 - U11915999999-->IGNITION, T262 S/N: T95115001001 - T95115999999-->STARTER, T262X S/N: T95315001001 - T95315999999-->HARNESS, T262X S/N: T95315001001 - T95315999999-->STARTER, T3000 S/N: T90800001001 - T90800999999-->DEBRIS SHIELD, T302 S/N: U10015001001 - U10015999999-->FAN CASE, T302X S/N: U10115001001 - U10115999999-->FAN CASE, T302X S/N: U10115001001 - U10115999999-->HARNESS

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