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Adjustable, padded shoulder straps. Simple and effective quick release on chest. Firm hip support. Fits all kind of pole products and is attached to the machine by open hooks, making it easy to use and quick to start/stop. The Balance Flex Harness even the load distribution over both shoulders due to the padded shoulder straps, which is a support when using the product in different angles and heights. A lifting force is used to help hold and lift the product. The harness gives good support when using pole products for different kind of work, high or low, far away or close, which results in better ergonomics.

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OEM Husqvarna Hanging Bracket Shoulder Harness OEM Husqvarna Hanging Bracket Shoulder Harness
Our Price: $11.99
Part #: 501783301

OEM Husqvarna Shoulder Strap W/Sign OEM Husqvarna Shoulder Strap W/Sign
Our Price: $7.99
Part #: 537216202

Husqvarna Harness Balance Flex Husqvarna Harness Balance Flex
Our Price: $59.99
Part #: 596280001
Husqvarna Balance X Harness Husqvarna Balance X Harness
Our Price: $74.99
Part #: 596296101

Husqvarna Duo-Balance 35 Harness Husqvarna Duo-Balance 35 Harness
Our Price: $64.99
Part #: 596296901
Husqvarna Duo-Balance 55 Harness Husqvarna Duo-Balance 55 Harness
Our Price: $69.99
Part #: 596297001